DayPass Mallorca: What is it and in which Beach Clubs to hire it?

DayPasses have become the perfect excuse to spend a different day Inside the city. Now, the large hotel chains and the most emblematic places of accommodation in Spain are offering their facilities so that anyone can visit and spend the day as if they were just another guest, finding that Mallorca is one of the main places in Spain where they offer these kinds of days off to take advantage of.

So, taking all of the above into account, it pays to really get to know the best Day Pass in Majorca and, by the way, discover why you should opt for this kind of day off to take advantage of during the holidays.

Why choose a DayPass in Mallorca?

By definition, DayPasses are those special services provided by high-class accommodation places so that a person (not a guest) can spend a single day in total relaxation and enjoyment within their facilities. These are offers especially dedicated to those people (or groups of people) who want to rest in the city and who cannot afford several days off.

Of all the places available to vacation in Spain, Mallorca is one of the first to appear. It is an ideal island for vacations and to request a DayPass. The reason for this can be easily summarized in the following points:

  1. The nature of Majorca: It is not an exaggeration at all to say that the beaches of Mallorca are among the most beautiful in the world. In fact, everything that has to do with nature within this island is worthy of admiration. You can find incredible coastlines, impressive cliffs and even disturbing caves that will make you live experiences out of this world.
  2. The gastronomy of Majorca: Although this point is shared by both Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands, it cannot be denied that the native gastronomy of the region is good enough to satisfy the appetite of the most demanding palates. Of course the best Majorca Day Pass include indigenous foods without a doubt!
  3. The culture and history of Mallorca: Palma de Mallorca, being more specific, is very rich in history and culture at a general level. You can find there the Cathedral of Santa María or the Bellver Castle. They are obligatory points to go to if you are vacationing on this Spanish island. You will surely find something of interest in Mallorca to spend one or several days!


Knowing why to choose a Day Pass in Majorca, don't you think it's a good idea to know the best offers in terms of this kind of services?

The Best Beach Clubs in Mallorca with DayPass

Being an island, it is logical to limit the places to request a DayPass In mallorca to those that offer a full service Beach Club or beach club. This in order to fully enjoy the natural beauty that this little piece of Spain has to offer. In that sense, quickly know the best Majorca Beach Clubs with DayPass:

DayPass at Shallow Sun Club in Majorca

As a first option, we can recommend this beach club with a DayPass that includes a Solarium and a drink. You can enjoy the highest hanging outdoor pool in Europe with a drink that can range from a bottle of water to a glass of red or rosé wine. Ideal to spend a different day as a couple or with the whole family!

DayPass at HM Tropical Mallorca

Among all the types of DayPass that this hotel/Beach Club includes, there is the one described below: It includes lunch, access to the pool, towels and access to the Sky bar area, which is a sensation within the complex.

DayPass in Jumeirah Port Soller

It is one of the most exclusive hotels in Mallorca, you could not leave out the DayPass offered by the Jumeirah Port Soller (although it is not properly speaking a Beach Club). It has a beautiful pool and a most impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can complete the experience with a 3-course lunch at the Cap Roig Restaurant.

DayPass at Castillo Hotel Son Vida

Integrating perfectly with its natural environment, this Beach Club for Day Pass in Majorca I could gather everything you need for relax and enjoy nature. You can get from here an excellent view, shade from the pine and palm trees that surround the facilities and even a lunch included with three dishes from the menu so you can live the entire hotel experience without having to stay. Of course, you can also find an outdoor pool and the bay of La Palma nearby for you to enjoy like never before.

To book any of these day pass in Majorca, you will simply have to enter the official website of the platforms and make the brief reservation and payment process for the day (at the time that is most appropriate for you, of course). So, with all this said, what are you waiting for to spend a different day in one of the most touristic places in Spain to date?

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