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When speaking of a paradisiacal place in which one can vacation and relax, there are many who think of Gran Canaria. It is not for less, since this island is known worldwide for its white sand beaches and for its atmosphere so typical of a tropical vacation. This is the main reason why it is one of the Canary Islands more tourist inside of Spain.

Given that it has now become a very popular tourist spot within Spanish territory, it is not surprising that many people are looking for Day Pass in Gran Canaria. Some of the sites with this particular service can be mentioned and also go deeper into the subject of DayPass today.

What are DayPasses in Gran Canaria?

If you literally translate the word DayPass from English then you get the words “Free Pass”. It alludes directly to that opportunity offered by hotels in enjoy its facilities without having the need to stay or reserve a room (that is, without being a guest directly). In other words, the DayPass it is a way to enjoy everything that a high-class hotel has to offer, without the need to spend the night in the same.

At the reserve level, anyone could get a Day Pass in Gran Canaria. Although this kind of reservations are mostly intended for local residents who want to enjoy a vacation day in their own city or, perhaps, for those tourists who have rented an apartment and would like to live the experience of a 5-star hotel without so many complications. .

As its name suggests, this special pass for the most glamorous hotels is only valid for one day, so it is best to choose very carefully which DayPass to choose and when to do it. More if it is a Day Pass in Gran Canaria!

The Best Beach Clubs in Gran Canaria with DayPass

Being a large island with a good number of visitors and tourists, Gran Canaria has a considerable number of hotels and establishments that offer different day pass types. On this occasion, direct emphasis will be placed on the Beach Clubs with Gran Canaria DayPass. They are places near the beach where you can enjoy without contemplation a good day at the beach.

Among these best Beach Clubs in Gran Canaria with DayPass are the following:

Canary Islands Day Pass Exclusive

Located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is this special resort with several DayPass plans that you can enjoy both as a couple and as a family. The most notable of all is the Exclusive Day Amadores Pass, ideal for couples who want to spend a different day near the beach.

World DayPass Gran Canaria

As a second option, you have this Beach Club Hotel in Gran Canaria, which has a great variety in terms of DayPass offers. It is worth mentioning its Beach Club offer for two with a Balinese bed for adults only. It's like spending a whole day in paradise!

DayPass at NH Imperial Hotel

Located right in front of Las Canteras beach, this hotel offers simple daypasses quite frequently throughout the year. It can be considered a beach club due to its proximity to the beach and the services it offers that are typical of this type of establishment. Among its many advantages is having free Wi-Fi and even breakfast when spending the day.

DayPass at Hotel Riu Gran Canaria

The DayPasses offered by this hotel located 13 minutes' walk from the Maspalomas lighthouse not only include access to the beach, but also a spa and jacuzzi if you really want to spend a whole different day of relaxation. Recommended by the locals of Gran Canaria!

Day Pass at Royal Palace Hotel

Last but not least, is the Royal Palace hotel and its all-inclusive DayPass. This 4-star hotel offers both a spa and a massage and special access to the beach, allowing you to enjoy something much more exotic and interesting when it comes to spending the day in contact with the ocean. After all this hotel is located near a cliff!

What do you think about the different options of day pass in Gran Canaria what did we just give you?

How to contract DayPass in Beach Clubs of Gran Canaria?

If you already have in mind in which Beach Club of Gran Canaria to contract the DayPass, it is time to mention how to contract this kind of free days within one of the largest Canary Islands. For this, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Search online for the best offers of Beach clubs in Gran Canaria, being able to use sites such as the platform's own official website.
  2. Find the offer of DayPass in Gran Canaria that best suits your preference (keep in mind that there are different types and that each one includes its own aspects).
  3. Specify on this platform the day you want to get your DayPass and contract the service (at this point you will surely have to pay for the day off). All that remains is to go to your DayPass!

Don't wait any longer and look for your ideal day off in Gran Canaria. What do you think about it?

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