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According to the residents of this coastal city, it is the refuge of those who love the sun. That is why it is characterized by offering the best daypass packages, so if you want to know what it is and where you can hire it? You are in the right place because we have selected the best Torremolinos Day Pass so that you can enjoy a different day in the most outstanding Beach Club and recognized establishments in the area.

What is a Daypass in Torremolinos?

Un day pass in Torremolinos It is one of the best alternatives for enjoy the facilities of a Beach Club for a day, this without going through the process of being a full-time guest. This proposal offers you the opportunity to have access to the facilities with some exceptions, including staying overnight in a room. Not to mention that it is much cheaper from any point of view.

Some of the attractions that include a day pass in Torremolinos, is access to the pool or beach area, as well as to the sports facilities of the establishment, be it the gym or tennis courts or some other sport that they offer and even attend classes such as yoga.

In addition, today it is also possible to opt for an exclusive gastronomic option. These menu tasting daypasses are one of the most innovative proposals to date. Therefore, the daypass has clear specifications, such as what the visitor has access to, time of entry and exit and possible areas to which they will not have access.

Beach Clubs and establishments to contract a Daypass in Torremolinos

Although in this area there are not many beach clubs with this valued day pass, below we will show you the best places so that you can enjoy this day pass at the most suitable time according to your requirements and tastes.

eden beach club

Starting with the edén beach club, we can say that this is an excellent option if what you are looking for is to spend a pleasant day in a very cheerful environment in the LGBT community.

He is completely in front of the beach so it provides a service similar to the one you would get buying a daypass, since for a single price you can use the hammocks and loungers that they have arranged all over the place. You also have access to food and drinks if you make a reservation that same day that you are at the beach club. You will not have to go anywhere else, because right there you will have all the comforts, and you can enjoy all this from 10 in the morning.


Thalasso Day Pass in Torremolinos

We present this other option and although it is not exactly a beach club, it is an establishment that offers one of the best things you can do to have a completely relaxing day. We refer to nothing more and nothing less than a package in your spa.

If you want to enjoy a whole day in this Spa at the facilities of Elba Estepona Gran Hotel and Thalasso Spa, you must book the daypass that also includes a succulent lunch. You will not have to move from there if you are looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing day. The package it offers is called Thalasso Spa Circuit 90, which includes the following:

  • Pebble footbath.
  • Sauna.
  • Cold water pool.
  • Aroma shower circuit.
  • Swimming pool in opposite direction to the current and Jacuzzi.
  • Swimming pool with full propulsion hydromassage.
  • Igloo.
  • Relaxation room with thermal beds.
  • Outside gardens with hammocks.
  • Tasting of tea and infusions.
  • Hat and towel included.
  • Buffet lunch.

The established schedule to enjoy all these services at the spa is from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm and lunch is offered from 13:30 pm to 15:30 pm. It should be noted that this Torremolinos Day Pass is one of the most outstanding for everything it offers, in addition to the fact that it is constantly improving to always provide a ultimate relaxation experience to all your clientele. Of course, each of the treatments are applied by professionals who take care of making you feel like new.

Day Pass at Aqualand, Torremolinos

Finally, we show you this excellent option for the whole family, which of course is not a beach club but will be an entertainment for a day that you will not be able to miss. It is the Aqualand daypass that offers you a whole water fun day. To do this, you can buy tickets online where you will get a discount, or you can buy tickets at the box office, although it is important to note that they will be validated the day after purchase.

Of course you have different daypass options but below we show you the costs individually:

  • The cost for adults is €29,00 and this rate is considered for ages 11 to 65.
  • Minor children pay a fee of €22,00, that is, those between 5 and 10 years old.
  • Small children from 3 to 4 years old will only pay €13,00.
  • People who are over 65 years old must cancel the payment of €22,00.
  • And to complement the aquatic experience, you can request a more complete daypass by adding a Pizza menu for only €13,90 of the previous price.

So now you have different options day pass in Torremolinos, and there are alternatives for all tastes. You just have to select the one of your preference and hire it. Enjoy a whole day of exclusive attention in a totally luxurious environment in the incredible facilities of these recognized establishments. What are you waiting for?

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