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Menorca is described as a unique island with a extraordinary cultural and architectural wealth. An excellent way to enjoy its beautiful beaches is with a Daypass, if you want to know what it is and in which Beach Clubs you can contract these services? Stay tuned for the following information where we will detail what it is and what is included in each of the proposals that we have selected especially for you in relation to the best day pass in minorca.

What is a Daypass in Menorca?

To enjoy nature and the calm of the paradisiacal sea of ​​Menorca, the Beach Clubs have proposals or promotions in which visitors can enjoy the facilities no need to be a guest formal hotel. It is an alternative to entertainment for the whole family, couples, friends or individually if you prefer. In it you will have access to luxury amenities for a very affordable price.

It should be noted that daypasses have certain conditions when opting for them, that is, access to certain areas can be limited. That is why each Beach Club establishes all the privileges that the guest will enjoy. It can be relaxing in the pool area, entering the sports facilities or tasting the gastronomic dishes of the restaurant. In addition, the day pass in minorca and wherever you hire him, he has a set schedule.

Beach Clubs where to hire a Daypass in Menorca

Day pass at Arena Beach Club

In Menorca you will find the ideal daypass for couples due to the idyllic style that it has prepared. The Mediterranean essence at Arena Beach Club has the perfect atmosphere. The services included are access for 2 people, a Balinese bed and 2 towels which will be delivered to you under the deposit modality. In order for you to taste one of the best culinary options, you will have a Japanese appetizer available, accompanied by a fresh lemonade.

In addition to this, for greater comfort you have access to the dressing room with showers. All these privileges in this incredible and exclusive Beach club have a cost that starts at €60,00. You just have to book in advance as the promotion is in high demand especially in high season. 

Daypass Beach club Kentia Sea

The Beach club Kentia Sea Club recognized for its 5 stars in Minorca offers an ideal daypass to enjoy with friends, and is one of the few with this concept in general. The purpose is that 4 friends or 2 couples can relax in a Balinese bed that will be given to them upon arrival at the place, so they can sunbathe comfortably. Additionally, they have access to the swimming pool and the enjoyment of the tray of fresh fruits that will be placed on their respective Balinese bed.

The service includes towels and water bottles for the four visitors. This, without a doubt, will allow them to enjoy a perfect summer day with friends or family. The time of entry to the hotel is from 10:00 a.m. and the reservation is kept until 11:00 a.m., otherwise the Balinese bed will be granted to another guest. And the date of withdrawal from the facilities is at 18:00 p.m., being important to note that this establishment it is only for adults, so the access of children is not allowed.

Daypass Alua Soul

This prestigious hotel offers a day pass in minorca with Hamaca, where it offers the alternative of a single visitor for the cost of €20 and for two visitors plus a tray of fresh fruit the payment of €50. This includes a daypass at Kentia Sea Beach Club Menorca, as well as hammocks and towel service and water bottles. So you can enjoy a totally relaxed summer day in a hammock, sunbathing and in the refreshing pool of the hotel or complex that is also included.

The timetable for enjoying the daypass is from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m., keeping in mind that they will wait for entry at the reception only until 11:00 a.m. After this time, the reservation will be granted to a guest who requires it. For this, it is recommended to confirm the reservation by phone or via email.

Daypass Hotel Torralbenc

Being a day pass in minorca totally out of the ordinary, this one is prevailing among the options, and it is about enjoying a tasting menu from 7 countries in Minorca. It is a proposal for two people where drinks are included, being an experience for lovers of gastronomy, so that they can indulge their palates. The recipes are a combination of traditional style with modern and innovative dishes that mix chef Luis Loza's cuisine with Gora Txapartegui's cuisine, who has a estrella Michelin.

The menu of this daypass is made up of an appetizer, two entrees, rice, fish, meat and two desserts. Those who are interested are available the months of April to October, for lunch time it is from 13:30 p.m. to 15:30 p.m., and dinner from 19:30 p.m. to 22:30 p.m. The cost of this tasting menu daypass is €220, of which at least half must be paid at the time of booking. Being a completely different option but that many beach clubs are starting to implement.

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