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Purobeach Illetas

The nomads of the world will live a purely Mediterranean experience in this Oasis of the Sea where nature in its purest form meets the history of Mallorca. Fountains and arches of Arab influence, olive trees and Majorcan pines, natural wood and crystal clear waters that break against the rocks in a beachclub where the sun never sets. Enjoy the unique energy it has Purobeach Illetas and its panoramic views of the Bay of Palma.

Purobeach Illetas: Paradise on the beach of Mallorca

When we think of Palma de Mallorca, images of dream beaches, crystal-clear waters and vibrant nightlife come to mind. But what if I told you that there is a place that encapsulates all that and more? That place is Purobeach, an oasis of luxury and relaxation in the heart of the Mediterranean.

What services does Purobeach Illetas offer?

This exclusive beach club is not just a place to sunbathe. It is a complete experience that combines the best of leisure and relaxation. From its impressive pool with sea views, to its world-class spa, to its resident DJ who entertains the afternoons, everything is designed to make you feel in paradise.

Purobeach Illetas offers a wide range of services and amenities so that its guests can enjoy a complete experience. Among them are:

Sunbeds and umbrellas: It has a large area of ​​hammocks and umbrellas so you can relax and sunbathe.

bar and restaurant: The bar and restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and drinks to suit all tastes.

Activities- Organizes a variety of activities for its guests, such as yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes.

Spa services: has a spa that offers a variety of treatments to relax and pamper yourself.

Pool area: It has a pool area so you can cool off and enjoy the sun.

Terrace overlooking: It has a terrace with sea views so you can enjoy the sunset.

help notes

Although many beaches in Mallorca do not allow reservations, in this corner it is possible. However, given its popularity, it is advisable to do so in advance, especially if you are looking for a VIP experience.

Where is Purobeach Illetas located?

Purobeach Illetas is located on Illetas beach, in Mallorca. Illetas beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca, and is located about 10 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca. The club is located in a privileged area of ​​Palma de Mallorca. Its elevated position offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean that will leave you breathless.


Whether you travel by car, taxi or bus, getting to the club is easy. It is well signposted and has ample parking for those who choose to take a car. In addition, its proximity to the center of Palma makes it even more accessible.

To get in car, you must take the Ma-19 highway and exit at exit 105. Once you have left the highway, you must follow the signs to Illetas beach.

You can also get there in bus. Palma de Mallorca city bus line 11 has a stop on Illetas beach.

What gastronomy can I find in Purobeach Illetas?

The dining experience here is simply sublime. With a menu that fuses Mediterranean cuisine with exotic touches, each dish is a work of art. From fresh seafood to delicious salads, there are options for every palate.

The menu includes Mediterranean, international and seasonal dishes.

Season and schedules at Purobeach Illetas

The club is open from spring to autumn, with the peak season between June and September. During these months, the atmosphere is simply electric, with events and parties that last until the early hours of the morning. Opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m.

Prices and rates at Purobeach Illetas

The club offers a variety of rates, adapted to the different needs of its visitors. From basic packages to VIP experiences, there are options for all budgets.

What does the reservation include?

By making your reservation, you not only guarantee a space in this Eden, but you can also access exclusive services, such as private areas, signature cocktails and personalized attention.

The prices of sunbeds and umbrellas at Purobeach Illetas vary depending on the season. In high season, the price of a hammock is 25 euros per day and the price of an umbrella is 20 euros per day.

What types of hammocks can I find?

The club offers everything from traditional hammocks to luxurious Balinese beds, perfect for those looking for extra comfort and privacy.

If you are looking for a corner where luxury, fun and natural beauty converge, look no further. We invite you to discover Purobeach Illetas, a place where every moment becomes an indelible memory. Don't wait any longer and reserve your space in this little piece of heaven on earth.

Reserve your hammock today and enjoy the Purobeach Illetas experience!

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Opening 24/05/2020
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