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One of the best tourist destinations in the entire Riviera Maya are the beaches of Puerto Morelos. Its landscapes, clear waters, fine sand, lodging places and exquisite food are the reasons why many tourists choose to visit it. But, before planning your trip, you should know which are the best Beach Club in Puerto Morelos and what they can offer you.

Most popular beach club in Puerto Morelos

When we talk about a beach club we refer to that place that has relaxation facilities, food services and of course fun. It can be for the whole family or for just a select group of adults and in many cases it even includes accommodation. That is why it is considered a stay very similar to that of a hotel but cheaper or even more complete.

So with all this in mind, we have found some very convenient places to enjoy by the beach.

Unique Beach Club

This club is the first option for every visitor since it is located right in front of the turquoise Caribbean sea. In it you can visit the largest coral reef in the world, so its facilities are ideal for family or couple vacations.

You can also enjoy totally live music, delicious dishes and unique drinks, all in a pleasant atmosphere that you will never forget. The club also has different outdoor attractions such as tours, massages and clothing stores to shop and unwind.

My Paradise Beach Club

The second option is one of the most searched among users on the internet. It is an area full of lots of fun and with excellent lodging and food services. So you can make a reservation from their website or buy vacation packages.

It is considered a place with excellent conditions and opinions from other visitors. Since it offers an excellent natural and relaxing environment and during the night you can go crazy with live music that is part of incredible parties.

Day and Night Beach Club

Close to the two previous clubs we have Día y Noche as another excellent beach club in Puerto Morelos which you can go to. Located in one of the quietest areas, it has a celebration atmosphere and access to a private beach of the highest category.

Most of the tourists bet on this club as it has everything they need to enjoy a magnificent space to relax. Both the atmosphere, lodging and food are of the highest quality, which will make you enjoy a totally unforgettable beach vacation.

Beach club with pool in Puerto Morelos

If there is one thing we can say, it is that Puerto Morelos beach clubs They are the most attractive of the entire coast. Each and every one of them has impressive views of the sea, outdoor activities and services for the whole family. But, one of the best features of a beach club is that it has a pool, so here we leave you the options that have a pool area.

Marley Beach House

The most attractive feature of the RoMarley Beach House is its food and beverage menu, already one of the most extensive in the place and with delicacies prepared by renowned chefs. In addition to this, it has a swimming pool with an ocean view for the enjoyment of both children and adults.

Morelos Restaurant and Beach Club

Another option to consider is Morelos restaurants and beach club; It is a very cozy place full of life and with a family environment. It also has as its main characteristic the preparation of exquisite dishes and drinks to delight your palate. Of course, it has a swimming pool so that the whole family can be at ease, as well as a fun music environment.

Beach Club Ojo de Agua

Finally, we highlight the most enviable option for many tourists. It is the Beach Club Ojo de Agua and which is located in front of one of the most beautiful beaches of Puerto Morelos. The facilities are very comfortable and ideal for relaxing, as it offers different environments and a pool for enjoyment with family or friends.

With all this in mind, it's time for you to choose the beach club that suits your needs and demands. You have different categories to choose from, from the most fun, relaxing, or family beach clubs to even the most elegant.

You won't regret making a reservation at one of the Puerto Morelos beach club described above, since you will experience the best beaches and natural environments that the area has. So start planning those long-awaited vacations or the long-awaited trip with your partner, taking a look at our list of clubs and choosing the most suitable one for you.

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