Best Beach Club in Denpasar

As the Balinese capital, Denpasar is the main center of the province, being located in the southernmost part of the island. Its proximity to Sanur Beach in the east and its overall picturesque scenery make it possible for Denpasar to become the tourist center par excellence of the entire island, thus becoming a mandatory destination if you ever visit Bali.

Given that Bali is opening up more and more to tourism, it is not at all surprising that beach clubs can be found, with the ones mentioned below being the best. Beach Club in Denpasar so you know where to go when you arrive in the city and want to relax.

What beach clubs will you find in Denpasar?

Sundara Beach Club

Nature takes on a higher relevance in this beach club called Sundara. He himself, considered by many to be the best beach club in bali, is hidden in a corner of Jimbaran Bay, entering this category due to its proximity to Denpasar. Among what you can find in this club you have: one of the best restaurants where you will only get world-class food, live music at night to have a complete experience of enjoyment on the beach and several activities that vary with respect to the day in which you find yourself enjoying.

If you want a comfortable and entertaining place to spend a different day near Denpasar, then this alternative is the best.

Byrd House Bali

Near Sanur Beach is a laid back, laid back beach club with quite a tropical setting to enjoy near the beach. Its about Byrd House Bali, a kind of beach house where the whole family will feel at ease. Counting with enough space so that each member of the family can have fun and enjoy madly.

You can find swimming pools for childrenchildren and adults equally, spa for a more complete relaxation and the best cocktails that you can find in all of Bali. You will be able to find that harmony with nature that many people seek on this island without the need to separate from your loved ones.

Artotel Beach Club

this would be the last beach club in denpasar that we can recommend, being known by the locals as ABC for its acronym in English. More than a beach club, the Artotel Beach Club functions more like a home for young and old guests who come from different lands to enjoy themselves. Is a fairly cheap alternativeomics if you travel to Bali on a budget.

The food and drinks that are found in this place are of the highest quality and present an excellent price, having an impressive coastal view right there and at least 7 square kilometers of oasis that will leave you more than satisfied when it comes to spending the day. on the beach.

In case everything that has already been mentioned is not enough, it is also possible to find a spectacular lagoon-type pool. Also has kid's play zone and even a room to organize an event if it is to your liking. An ideal beach club if you don't know where to go in Bali!

Things to do in Denpasar

Since there is not a large number of beach clubs in Denpasar, it is worth listing precisely everything you can do in this town apart from enjoying the coasts, so that no excuse can be found not to spend a different day in the capital of Bali.

Among the things to do in Denpasar stands out:

  • Visit the Jagatnatha temple: A shrine built in the year 1970 in honor of Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. The translation of the name of this temple would be something like "temple of the God of the Universe", being the only temple in the city dedicated to a single god.
  • See the Bajra Sandhi Monument. Located in a beautiful park where you can get in touch with nature and the history of Denpasar.
  • Go to the Bali museum, one of the most important memory centers on the island, if not the most. Here, you will be able to appreciate from prehistoric art to religious ceremonial material, being able to observe sarcophagi, carvings, textiles.
  • Shop at Bandung Market, ideal outing if you want to feel the good natural vibe that Bali has. You will be able to find souvenirs, representative objects of the city and the respective foods that you can prepare to consume during your visit, having the particularity of finding any product at a really affordable price.
  • Visit the Taman Werdhi Budaya, art center in the city of Denpasar where traditional dance performances are usually held.
  • Climb to the top of the Bajra Sandhi monument, so you can enjoy the impressive views of the city.

In short, there is much to do in Denpasar more than just going to the beach. Do you dare to explore much more of this majestic and important city for Bali?

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