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As we get closer to summer, the thermometers and the desire to see blue horizons skyrocket to stratospheric levels. If you live in Catalonia or plan to spend holidays in these paradisiacal beaches, you must visit the beach Clubs of Catalonia best known, where you will enjoy a musical and fun atmosphere, on the shores of the beautiful beaches of Catalonia.

Below we select the best Beach Clubs that you can visit if you are visiting Barcelona or its surroundings.

Go beach club

A former Captaincy of the Port of the Forum has become one of the best Beach Clubs in the whole city of Barcelona. With a modern atmosphere that has a swimming pool, a stage with a capacity of up to 1.500 people and a night club to enjoy real fun and live DJ.

Go! beach club barcelona

Within its 4.000 square meters, there is a restaurant with outdoor areas and covered areas, where you can enjoy the best complement for a totally luxurious experience.

El restaurant open from monday to sunday without rest so that you can enjoy each of their dishes every day you want. Therefore, if you are in Barcelona or its surroundings, the Go beach club It must be a place that you have to visit if or if.


The Tibu-Ron Beach Club is the ideal place to have or eat a paella between the sand and friends. Its distinctive white tables and parasols will be part of an atmosphere filled with live music or DJs.

During the evening the atmosphere changes to afterwork and later in the evening to a night club. From Monday to Wednesday the place is ideal to have a cocktail and enjoy the sound of the waves of the sea, on the other hand, from Thursday to Sunday the fun takes over the place.


Located on the first line of the sea, this spectacular space that the Hotel Vela created a few years ago, is an informal restaurant and at the same time a Beach Club set for maximum enjoyment of the facilities and the service provided.

With an atmosphere between Eivissa and Miami depending on the time of day, you can enjoy fabulous hammocks to sunbathe and take incredible selfies, as well as one of the best cocktail bars in the province.

During the day you can enjoy a varied menu among which its famous super hamburger and other snacks stand out, but at dusk, the fun begins with music, dances and a pool available.

Oasis Beach Bar

Just 4 hours from the city of Barcelona, ​​you will find Oasis Beach Bar, a true white and turquoise paradise that will fill your senses of funon and pleasure. It is a place for all tastes, you can either have a good glass of wine listening to live music, eat rice, fish fry or dance salsa all night long.

Without a doubt, the atmosphere is lively and full of life. Perfect for an afternoon or evening with friends next to the waves of the sea and a complete and delicate menu.


A true and classic beach bar if you are in Badalona. From the moment you enter the establishment and go to the bar you can literally smell and taste the sea. It has a lower terrace located at the foot of the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, perfect for a special night with friends or partner.

A placid sunset, music and cocktails will be the perfect combination with your other terrace. chill out, where your clients can be until 12:00 am on weekdays and until 3:00 am on weekends.

Other Beach Clubs in Catalonia

Purobeach Barcelona pool Sandbeds

Purobeach Barcelona

Purobeach Barcelona offers you the chance to spend a day in the pool and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing spa treatment while


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