Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Between the exotic tourist destinations that you can currently visit, Bali is the most outstanding without a doubt. Its paradisiacal landscapes and its calm but enigmatic aura make this entire island an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a couple of different days. More if it is about beach clubs or Beach Club that, in one way or another, manage to make you feel really good.

For this reason in particular, it is necessary to know which are the best Beach Club in Bali, being these places the ones that combine in the most suitable way the fun and relaxing atmosphere of the resort with the services that you could most need in an establishment like these.

Beach clubs in Bali that you must visit

Single Finn's Beach Club

Located in Uluwatu and arising from the initiative of one of the best professional surfers in Bali (Made Kasim), this beach club is especially inclined for those who want to surf comfortably within Bali. Among its most outstanding features such as Beach Club Bali, Single Finn's has the largest balcony in the archipelago, being able to capture the best views of the Indian Ocean that you will find and maintaining an atmosphere as jovial as it is lively.

Good food, relaxed atmosphere and incredible waves for surfing is what awaits you at this Balinese Beach Club.

The Brisa Beach Club

In this case you have a beach club at Echo, One Bali's best known beaches which, for more, is crowned by this impressive Beach Club and with original food that you really cannot stop trying. This beach club demonstrates what Balinese hospitality should be like!

As a curious fact about this beach club, it has to be built with reclaimed wood from 500 ancient ships. It was retouched by experts to put together a different and very striking structure. In fact, due to this same physical composition, La Brisa is one of the greenest places in Bali.

As far as food is concerned, the menu offered by this beach club focuses on shellfish and fish. These fish are sourced directly from the island for a greater appreciation of what Bali has to offer.

Karma Beach Club

On the shores of Uluwatu you can also find this beach club that is a tropical luxury oasis. You can go down by a spectacular cable car with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean and even have the possibility of renting a Kayak or diving equipment to explore the blue lagoon that is right next to the beach. You will also be able to enter into a much deeper relationship with the ocean view massages offered at the club.

TT Beach Club

For this current year, if there is a beach club that has been proclaimed the most popular, it has to be this one. TT Beach Club is located right at the foot of Melasti Beach. It is a beach where the white sand is extraordinary and the towering cliffs that provide a sense of privacy and charm that can already be so common within Bali.

As an outstanding feature of this beach club, you can find that all the structure is built in enveloping bamboo. It was designed this way by the locals so that Balinese craftsmanship can be preserved. Ventilated cabins, extravagant sofas, two infinity pools (one of these made of glass with its own Jacuzzi) and even private rooms with air conditioning is what you can find everything to make your trip to Bali something truly different and luxurious. Certainly a beach club in bali that is worth knowing.

Mari Beach Club

As the last beach club that can be recommended in Bali, there is precisely Beach Club Mari. It overflows with a style truly immersed in the local culture. Here, you will see that perfect parallel between Balinese traditions and the region's own hospitality. you will enjoy sustainable natural elements that pay homage to the purest elements of Bali, at the same time that you have modernity with the region's infinity pool, sunken bar and much more that you can enjoy.

How to choose the best Beach Club in Bali

The first thing you will have to do to choose the best Beach Club in Bali (that is, the one that adapts much more to your needs and comforts), is to choose precisely one of the many beaches available in Bali, some of the best being listed below:

  • Nusa Dua.
  • Jimbaran.
  • Kuta.
  • Echo.
  • Legion.
  • Sanur.
  • Padang Padang.
  • Seminyak.
  • Soka beach.
  • Bingin.
  • Batu Bolong.
  • Balangan.

Chosen the beach, you would have to make sure that there is a Beach Club on it to take advantage of. If so, find out what kind of food is served at the beach club and what other kinds of amenities are included in terms of the type of oceanfront relaxation you want. Ultimately, you can ascertain the facilities and if they are attractive enough to stay for the day (or several days even). Now you know!

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