Best Beach Club in Seminyak

Although it may sound a bit funny, the truth is that every year there are different popular areas within Bali. In this case, the most fashionable area is the one known as Seminyak, also being one of the most luxurious areas of Indonesia which is located, interestingly enough, quite close to Kuta.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Seminyak within Bali is that the area, despite its recent popularity, does not have many tourist attractions within it. The highlight of this is that you can find the best beaches on the island. That's where you can find the best Beach Club in Seminyak from all over Bali! Would you like to know what these are?

Seminyak Beach Club that you can not miss

Potato Head Beach Club

Although its name may sound like a joke (Potato Head Beach Club), the truth is that Potato Head is one of the Beach Club mas representative of all Bali. It is one of the few that have managed to convey very well what Balinese attention and hospitality would be. In fact, this beach club has a 100% Bali inspired aesthetic!

Many people tend to arrive early at this Beach Club to relax from the first rays of the sun on the beach. Its restaurant and the list of cocktails offered at the beach club are what stand out the most in conjunction with its live music that usually animates a lot all the celebration on the beach. Some of the biggest live shows in bali happen in this beach club!

KU DE TA Beach Club

If you are looking for one of the Bali's original beach clubs, then KU DE TA is the option to which you should lean to know. It is a very simple and tasteful beach club, with a restaurant that serves from breakfast to dinner so you can enjoy the day on the beach with all the pleasure possible.

The infinity pool of this beach club in seminyak it makes you feel like you are in a really privileged club where not many can enter. You will be able to reach a much higher level when you try the food in Mejekawi (club restaurant) that gives you an unparalleled gastronomic experience if what you want most is to taste and enjoy.

Sugar Sand Beach Club

If you are talking about very complete beach clubs within Seminyak, then this alternative has to be mentioned that has: good food, cocktails prepared by experts, live music and other nods to the local (art, culture and architectural designs for example) . All this, locked in a club with two levels and that has a unobstructed and very impressive view to the océyear.

You can find a beach bar inside the SugarSand beach club, also having the possibility of finding sun loungers by the pool, a terrace where snacks, coastal cocktails and even a Japanese menu are served that make the most of local seafood and fish. bali. A beach club in Seminyak that you absolutely must try!

Mari Beach Club

The main reason why this seminyak beach club it is because it is one of the most modern that has opened in all of Bali. Which is why it is one of the most talked about and recommended so far in the year 2022. This is a beach club prepared to reopen the Indonesian border to tourists!

In this case, there is a beach club with cbamboo domes y cultural references in all the places where you can turn around to observe, having a design that pays homage to Balinese craftsmanship and a children's pool that the smallest of the house can enjoy with total safety and freedom. What more could you ask for from a Beach Club?

Beach Clubs in Seminyak that are closed

Seminyak was one of the most popular areas of the entire island of Bali to go relax in front of the sea. For this reason, there were a considerable number of beach clubs that were opened in order to capitalize on the popularity of this region. Unfortunately, not all of these places are open today, those being Beach Clubs in Seminyak that the following are closed:

  • Tropical.
  • Oo Beach Club, located right in the heart of Seminyak.
  • Cocoon Beach Club, located on Legian Beach in the town of Seminyak.

Some of these Seminyak beach clubs are likely to open sooner rather than later due to the influx of tourists to this island in 2022, so don't lose hope of spending a nice day in these places. who are also the pinnacle of Balinese hospitality.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the Best Beach Clubs in Seminyak and spend a truly different day in this paradise island called Bali. What do you say?

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